1960's sports timeline

1960- The Boston Celtics beat the St. Louis Hawks in game 7 of NBA chapionship. Missouri beat Navy in the Orange Bowl. The Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series against the New York Yankees. St. Louis University won the NCAA soccer championship

1961- In a repeat from the year before the Celtics beat the Hawks for the NBA championship. The New York Yankees beat Cincinnati in the World Series. Roger Maris hit 61 homeruns in one season beating Babe Ruth's record.

1962- Boston won the NBA title against the LA Lakers. Wilt Chamberlain from the Philadelphia Warriors scored 100 points in one game a new record. The Yankees won thier second World Series against the Giants.

1963- Again Boston beats Los Angeles in the NBA championship. In the World Series The Dogars beat the Yankees.

1964- The St. Louis Cadinals won the World Series against the Yankees, and 3rd basemen Ken Boyer won the national league MVP. In the NBA the Celtics beat the Warriors for the title.

1965- Missouri beat Florida in the Sugar Bowl. Boston beat the Lakers for NBA championship. The Dogers beat the Twins in the World Series.

1966- In 1966 the first Super Bowl was played and the Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs. The Celtics beat the Lakers and Baltimore Beat the Dogers in the World Series.

1967- Green Bay beat Oakland in the 2nd Super Bowl. The Philidelpha 76ers beat San Franscico Warriors in the NBA championship. The St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series against the Boston Red Sox and Orlando Cepeda the Cards first basemen won the NL MVP.

1968- The Celtics beat the Lakers for the NBA title. The New York Jets beat Baltimore in Super Bowl III. The Detroit Tigers beat the St. Louis Cardinals, although Bob Gibson did win the NL MVP and the Cy Young Award

1969- Kansas City won Super Bowl IV against Minisota and Missouri lost to Penn st. in the Orange Bowl. Boston beat the Lakers again in the NBA title. The Mets beat Baltimore in the World Series

The 1960's had many great sports moments and was a great period for the STL Cardinals winning 2 World Series and and going to a 3rd, and bob gibson won the MVP and Cy Young.